My Ex Has all the Power | Having Dignity with Your Ex after a Breakup | Taking Back Respect

Don't allow for your ex to draw you into long conversations directly after a breakup. We see this power depleting move occur daily in our breakup coaching practice. We will explain in more [...]


When your ex does not truly care about your well being, spirit, or feelings. | Is my ex a narcissist?

If your ex is under the heavy influence of hatred, bitterness, and scorn, there is little you can do until they remove themselves from this influence which we have seen happen but if it's extreme [...]


Should I Get Closure From a Breakup | Am I wasting my time trying to reconcile?

We define closure as steps taken to relieve the feelings of rejection, sadness, anger, regret, remorse, and a host of other emotions after a breakup.


Is Facebook Good for Getting Your Ex Back? | How can I get my ex back by using Facebook?

If your ex is not on Facebook, don't assume he or she is not able to see your page and/or your updates, even if you have restrictions set accordingly.


Coping with a Breakup | I want my ex back so bad! | Learning To Cope without Your Ex.

Is Coping with a Breakup Harder For Some then Others? Try Answering the Questions Below and then Call Us for a review of your answers in terms of how you are doing with your breakup and how you [...]